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Your Anointing

  When they say someone is anointed, what do they really mean? Without a doubt, I believe that many people will have different meanings to the word "ANOINTING". However, my intention here is to share a perspective on what could be perceived as an anointing. Anointing is God's empowerment on our individual

The Law of Compensation

The world is governed by laws. Proper understanding and application of these laws makes success predictable. Let's talk about the Law of Compensation: This law states that the amount of money you earn is in direct ration to the: The need for what you do Your ability to do it very


IMAGINATION = VISION “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality” (Robin S. Sharma). It has been realized by science that a huge part of the Human Brain matter is inclined to the imagination; this points to the fact that imagination should constitute an essential part of

The Ultimate Workplace Skills Package

Imagine how confident you would feel applying for a job or walking into an interview for which you believe you have all the necessary skills. Whilst it may be difficult to tick every box for every job with one set of skills – every job has different requirements – there


Think about your life for a moment. Where are you coming from? Where are you today? And where are you going? We often trivialize these questions but they are no jokes. If we MUST take our lives seriously and seek to progress significantly, then it is important that we measure our