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Humble Mkpa is a Passionpreneur, NLP Life Coach | Results Technologist | Business Strategist. He is a multi-skilled and a multi-talented personality. He has served with a Major Oil giant in Nigeria and in various capacity as an Administrator, an Analyst, Offshore Marine Coordinator, Vessel Module Operator, Fleet Management / Monitoring, Team Lead, Fuel Module Management, Security Coordination, Cyber Security Expert, Asset Safety Coordinator. He has many Marine Certifications, Harvard Manage Mentor Certifications in Goals Settings and Performance Measurement. He is a Practitioner of NLP, among many other certifications and wealth of experience in Leadership, People Management, Business, and Self and Strategic Management.

As a CEO of Geared Logistics and Principal Consultant of LifeClass YOUniversity, he pulls from his experience poll to invest into people, and towards business development and productivity.

Humble Mkpa is primarily a businessman and not a Motivational Speaker. However, He is gifted at understanding and decoding patterns and has been intrigued by how words, actions, and patterns reveals to us the WHO we are and WHY we are here – our purpose.

I am called to communicate. And my calling finds expression in Prints, Writings, Speaking, Leadership, and Mentorship – wrapped in the Unique tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), he is able to tailor solutions to specificity and root-course corrections – either in business or in personal life. With his strong communication skills through the use of NLP, he has find himself doing more speaking and has touched more than One Million lives through Speaking events, Radio reach, and Social Media platform since his emergence in 2017 3Q.

Our lives all boils down to our decisions. The quality of our decisions determines the quality of our lives. Therefore, the things that HAPPENS to and for you + How you RESPOND to what happens = The RESULTS you get. This is the empowering formula that delivers to us the control required to obtain the results we seek.

Things will always happen, and what happens happen to us all. We cannot control what happens, but we can decide how we chose to respond. The result we get from what happens is the determinate factor for the results we get.

We at LifeClass YOUniversity belief that all humans were CREATED by a CREATOR to be CREATIVE; and such creativity manifest itself in productivity –  through our business and personal lives. But unfortunately LIFE (Family, Schools, Environment, and Religion) has nurtured us to grow limiting beliefs on our creativity; thereby numbing and dimming our shine, in a World we were created to Dominate. These process has adversely affected us through the comings and goings of our daily living. Only but a vast majority has come to the realization of this issue. Even much fewer are engaged in the undoing of these adverse effects.

Our destiny, as predetermined by our Creator is already set. However, we do have the responsibility to navigate our way there through the choices and decisions we make every day .Therefore, for things and our lives to change – we have to change. Because it is never about what happens, but how we choose to respond to all that happens, around, about, and within us. And we hereby invite you to join us in this life transforming journey.

OUR VISION: To help people WIN AT WORK and SUCCEED AT LIFE through Consciousness Engineering.

OUR MISSION: To bring awareness that helps people translate responses to results in daily living

OUR VALUES: Discover | Nourish | Grow

If you want Mr Humble Mkpa to speak at your event, feature on your shows, or train you business Team, please call any of the the numbers – 09077775350, 08065052988 or 08028344188.

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