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Akpanam Henry Mkpa, a.k.a Humble Mkpa; CEO Geared Logistics Ltd and President Geared Minds, is a seasoned Coach on Life, Success and Results; Trainer; Thought Leader; Entrepreneur; Coordinator; Administrator and a Public Speaker. He is passionate about helping people discover their potentials and work with them towards deploying and maximizing their God-given talents for a better life.

I believe that Human Capital is the greatest of all Capitals. Hence, my mission to help people discover, develop and manage themselves for for higher productivity and efficiency. By harnessing and maximizing your capital, there is no telling what you can become – let’s find out by building it brick by brick, play by play, day by day and chisel by chisel.

Life is serious business. To live a successful, happy, healthy and peaceful life, there is need to manage ourselves and our decisions properly Рevery day. Unlike any other time in history of man, we are blessed with the wherewithal to achieve enormously, yet most people do not even know who they are and why they are here?  This is why the world is filled with average people.

We are all created in the image of a Creator that is unique and we carry within us unlimited and untapped potentials. So we have urgent need to start living up to our full potential. Humble Mkpa embarks on this life long journey to help people discover, grow and become better people through knowledge, wisdom and skills.

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