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Humble Mkpa is the MD/CEO of Geared Logistics Ltd. He is also the Principal Consultant LifeClass YOUniversity (a subsidiary of Geared Logistics Ltd).

He is skilled in Logistics, Coordination, Analytics, Communications, Administration, People Management, Social Media Marketing, Business Case Development/Management, Performance Measurement, Leadership, among many others.

He is primarily a Business Man, who deals in multiple sources of income, including MLM. He is known by many as an NLP Result Technologist and Personal Development Trainer. This identity stems from his effective and productive training of Business teams and Success ready Individuals who engage him in Life Coaching, Business Training (Customer service, Sales, Business Results Development, Behaviourial Modulation for epic performance, Presentations, Building relationships, Setting Goals as teams/Individuals, Self-Management, The Discipline of getting things done, etc).

He is an OnAir personality, Professional / Motivational Speaker, A Coach. In all, he uses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to teach how to obtain results and model Excellence in any field of endeavor.
All his various skills finds expression in him through his Results Technologist and Training Models. He is VERY good at what he does and you will need to test him. It starts with a call right away.

With more than two decades of experience in Life Coaching, 10 years of working experience with a major Oil giant, and 5years experience in deals negotiations, trainings, marketing and reading people with NLP, among others. He is unique in how he comes across in his presentations and teachings. You too stands a change to benefit from his philosophies and over two decades of experience – a huge bank of knowledge to draw from.

Sir Humble Mkpa wants to do business with you today. It’s not all about money, but relationships. That’s what we are more concern about. What if I choose to work for you for free the first time?

If it has to do with improving results in your business, training your team to up their game in performance, private one-on-one training, and lots more – I want to work with you. Call me let us talk business? To speak at your event, feature on your shows, or train your business team, please call any of the numbers – 09077775350 (WhatsApp), 08065052988 or 08028344188.

You can also check him out of Facebook – Humble Mkpa

Facebook Page: LifeClass YOUniversity


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