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If there is one critical ingredient for your successful quest for both wealth and happiness, it is discipline. And yet when it comes to this concept, most people reject it as they conjure images of everything from a tough drill sergeant to a strict schoolteacher waving a ruler. Yet I assure


Wealth, like beauty, has a variety of definitions for different people. You will agree with me too, that being RICH and being WEALTHY is not the same? Living a good and successful life; whatever success mean to you, requires your meaning of, understand of, and the practice of the following: Happiness,


Success is another key word. And like each of the concepts already discussed on Happiness, Wealth, and Discipline, it has multiple layers of meaning. Success is also an elusive notion, a paradox. After all, it is both a journey and a destination, isn't it? It's the steady, measured progress toward a goal


What is your view on HAPPINESS? What makes you happy? Do you think happiness comes from within, or is controlled by external factors and happenings? On this article we will briefly examine what happiness, cueing from insights from my Mentor – Jim Rohn. Happiness embraces the universal quest. It's a joy that


To get things in the right perspectives, it will be best to start with the fundamentals. How do you speak, write and convey information in English without first the ability to reside from A – Z. As is with the alphabets, and English, so it is in every other area of life,


It is true that learning is the beginning of Wealth and life change. We should not be lazy in learning. This is in fact true, because, if you welcome all experiences and continue to soak up the lessons every time, someday, and maybe soon, all those lessons will add up to


GETTING THINGS DONE To get things done, you must develop the habit of taking action.The NOW mentality is how things get done. If you are in the habit of procrastinating, then you will, or may have developed the habit of not taking action. It is a matter of time, this habit will spread,


WHY YOUR BREAKTHROUGH MAY BE DELAYED When we nag or resist change that God brings into our lives through tripedition...we miss out on the possibilities and latent potentials inherent in those circumstances. God has a way of packaging our blessings inside problems. The answers to our prayers will not always come packaged

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At Life-Class Academy we are committed to helping growth-oriented individuals and businesses to scale productively through paradigm shift. Individuals Regardless of what you have, who you are, and where you live. If you are not happy and fulfilled...then you are not successful. Every person on the planet is unique and was created to