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It is true that learning is the beginning of Wealth and life change. We should not be lazy in learning. This is in fact true, because, if you welcome all experiences and continue to soak up the lessons every time, someday, and maybe soon, all those lessons will add up to


In setting your Life goal, deem it right to do so in these areas and thank me later: (It is a lengthy read, but it is worth your time and attention) BUSINESS AND CAREER (Be Successful) Whether you are in Business or an Employee, depending on which category you want to remain. There


GET A COACH! Coaching is for that person who is at that point in life when he/she is struggling, frustrated, and confused. We all have been in such position before; if you haven't then it means you are heading there, if you are just out of one then you need remain


GET THE LEARNINGS How do you feel when you find yourself among people who know more than you do? Do you naturally feel challenged, intimidated, small, or afraid? Whatever your feelings; should you have the chance to return there - how comfortable will you be? As a Life / Productivity Coach, I found out


GETTING THINGS DONE To get things done, you must develop the habit of taking action.The NOW mentality is how things get done. If you are in the habit of procrastinating, then you will, or may have developed the habit of not taking action. It is a matter of time, this habit will spread,

Announcing Humble’s Life-Class April 2018

#ANNOUNCING HUMBLE'S LIFE-CLASS 2ND QUARTER 2018 (2Q2018) Humble's Life-Class for 2nd quarter of 2018 holds 29th April between 2-6pm at #Geared Logistics office - 6th Edet Akpan Avenue. Opposite Labour market 4-Lanes Uyo. THEME: The Awesomeness Within Participants will be taught the Science, Art, and Spiritual practices to discovering WHAT, WHY, & HOW of minning the

Universal Laws

THE UNIVERSAL LAWS The planet we live in functions on laws. Just as there are Spiritual Laws, there are Laws that governs life on the physical plane. Nothing happens on the Earth without these Laws. Learn, understand, and apply these Universal Laws and you would have mastered life on the physical plane. Below