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“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality” (Robin S. Sharma). It has been realized by science that a huge part of the Human Brain matter is inclined to the imagination; this points to the fact that imagination should constitute an essential part of our daily living. Unfortunately, while this concept makes common sense, it is not the common practice.

Every great idea ever conceived first took seed in the mind before made tangible. From the great inventions that have changed and still changing the way we live in the last century to the manufacturing of the papers, toothpicks and even marriage, yes – marriage. We are husbands/wives before we get married. We are drivers before we get to drive or own a car, and you can name them on and on.

This idealization, sculpting of self, molding of personality and character, innovations and inventions are first formed as pictures on our minds through imagination. Albeit Einstein said that:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Logic can take us from point A to B, but imagination can take us everywhere. The good thing is that EVERYONE can imagine themselves going everywhere and doing anything. The question is – will you dare to tap into this huge reservoir of grace given to you by your Creator?

Imagination and vision are both creative abilities; the power and act of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in the reality. Let us explore VISION for what it is:

Vision can be better be understood through three facets.

  • Foresight
  • Insight
  • Hindsight


Consider Foresight as the telescope. Through foresight, we are able to see into the future of our desires. Nature equipped with the ability to think in pictures. We have the ability to envision what we desire to become. By this activities, we can go into the future and see what we desire in its entirety even in the present. This is what we can achieve through foresight – it is a very important aspect of creativity.


Insight is the microscopic view of the image we have formed with our minds. Through introspection (insight), we can pull focus into whatever image we hold in our minds and explore details associated with the understanding and process development of that vision. This is where most of the work is done, as it requires focus, selection and gutsy.

This is also where most people give up on themselves. Personally, I invented a trick that sees me through this hassle. When I conceive of a brilliant idea that is dazzling or scary; especially when my present status and resources are too lean to envision possibility with such ideas. I paused to pull focus into its promise (the end result that I will enjoy when I accomplish it). By so doing, I immediately put myself in a resourceful state which empowers me to survive through the process of creating my vision to fruition. While this is not the only way to survive this creation process, you are also welcomed to share your technique in birthing your ideas?


This is an integral part of building a vision. Our individual life is a huge database to draw from. Looking back into history, past experiences, failures and victories alike, we can pull lessons that will help order our decisions in navigating life’s minefield in the present.

Since we will not live long enough to experience everything by ourselves, it is important that we utilize lessons from other people experiences, failures, victories, etc.

Most of what we seek have been written in books and are being shared through various forms of communication, if not happening around us already.

Make a decision today to become a student of life. Soak up all you can, and feel free to imagine yourself living the life you desire and being whatever you seek to become. Do this independent of your present status or finance. Explode into space and explore, discover and be. Yes, you can. If others could do it – then what are you waiting for?

Utilize this hidden power given to you by GOD. Use it, allow it to be the inner GPS that leads you towards your life’s purpose; somehow, this intuitive power already knows what you truly want to become. If you will dare to cultivate dedicating the time you spend alone to imagination – it will serve you well.

See you in the winner’s circle.

Please feel free to share your technique in bringing your vision to bare. It will be fun to share your idea in our next publication?

Thank you

By Humble Mkpa

Humble Mkpa

Humble Mkpa

NLP Results Technologist / Life Coach at LifeClass YOUniversity
NLP Practitioner | Life Coach | Logistician | Public Speaker | Peak Performance Coach | CEO
Humble Mkpa

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Humble Mkpa
NLP Practitioner | Life Coach | Logistician | Public Speaker | Peak Performance Coach | CEO

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